Car Clinics

Spiegel Institut Mannheim regularly conducts car clinics in Germany, China, Italy, France and the United States. The approximately 120 events include both dynamic and static clinics, both with or without prototypes of a wide variety of automobiles: from small cars and luxury class automobiles to commercial vehicles (BMW, Mini, Toyota, Audi, Porsche, John Deere, Claas). We work together with carefully selected partners at home and abroad in long-term cooperation, and we ensure they meet our high quality standards.

At the clinics, the data is collected using modern tablet computers/mobile devices, which are equipped with the institute’s own survey software. The use of mobile end devices provides a number of benefits: dynamically designing the questionnaires (if necessary also with the use of innovative technologies such as Near Field Communications (NFC)), incorporating visual survey content and using audio recordings. Apart from the technical advantages, these features simply make the survey more enjoyable for the subjects to fill out. To illustrate the results better, the survey is professionally filmed and this footage is compiled as clips/documentation of the results. In our internal studio, we can also sync the movies in different languages.

Static Clinics

Static clinics are generally conducted in a setting that befits the brand name at exhibition halls or convention centres.
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Dynamic Clinics

Depending on the level of development of the vehicle and the question at hand, these tests may take place on closed circuits or on public roads.
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Eye tracking

With eye tracking, the eye movements of a person looking at an object or when performing a task are recorded. Read more

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Alexander Stech

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Consumer Research &
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The Spiegel Institut

"Not the objective nature of a product is the reality in the market psychology, but only the consumer perception."

Prof. Dr. Bernt Spiegel

What moves people? How are products experienced from a consumer perspective and how are (purchasing) decisions reached? A passion for these questions is what made Dr. Bernt Spiegel into a pioneer in market psychology in Germany and led him to found the Spiegel Institut in Mannheim in 1950.

The siblings Uta and Götz Spiegel are the second generation to run the Spiegel Institut. The Institute conducts consumer research and provides user experience consulting with several locations in Germany, China and the United States. It stands for human-centered consultancy along the product development process: We help develop successful products and services by analyzing the usage context, supporting conceptual design and user-centered development, up to validating the concepts.

We have continuously forged new paths, developed innovative research methods and contributed important findings to the field of market psychology and user experience. Not only in theory: Renowned companies from industry and business use our support to constantly stay a step ahead of consumer demands when designing their products. Our longstanding interest in the question of how people experience products, applications and services, collectively called “User Experience”, is now more relevant than ever before and is an important focus in research and consulting. Read more