24. July 2017

Dynamic Clinics

Dynamische Clinics

Driving tests in realistic conditions are the focus of dynamic clinics. Depending on the level of development of the vehicle and the question at hand, these tests may take place on closed circuits or on public roads.

For example, within the scope of dynamic clinics not only the functionality of various driver assistance systems but also the sense of space, the view or the driving, curve and acceleration behaviour of the vehicle can also be tested live and interactively. Of course, it is also possible to determine the subjects’ eye movement and gaze duration using eye tracking and thus gain insights on how much attention is given to the individual systems or displays while driving.

Potential questions include:

  • How do customers and potential customers experience the driving behaviour?
  • How intuitively can be the vehicle displays be read / and the HMI be used?
  • How distracted were the customers while driving?

Potential survey methods are:

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